December Pre-order Update

Jon Carder
December Pre-order Update

Happy New Year Bloomers ✨!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Bloom (and it’s not because we’ve been in the throes of the holiday season)! Our team of doctors, scientists, engineers, nutritionists, and developers has been working hard to get our test cards out the door and into your hands, so you can optimize your health in the new year. 

Here's What’s New at Bloom:
We Have Our First Users
It’s crazy to think that this day has finally come! After years of ideation, research, and development, Bloom test cards are officially being used at home by real customers! We’ve been in close contact with this small test group of 50 users and have received great feedback that has enabled us to make many improvements. We’re excited for you to experience Bloom and we welcome your feedback to help further shape the experience.

2,000 Tests & Counting
One of the biggest developments from the past month is that we’ve officially surpassed the 2,000 mark for test cards produced! This couldn’t have been possible without the creativity and genius of our engineering team, who built a tool that has enabled us to create more test cards FASTER (which means we can get them to you faster too).

Product Updates:
This month we launched two very exciting new updates to our product - custom supplements and nutritionist on chat.

Custom Supplements
Let’s talk about the custom supplements first. Our supplement program allows you to put optimizing your health on autopilot. Just take your test and Bloom automatically creates a custom supplement formula for you based on what your body needs. As you take more Bloom tests, we’ll automatically update your formula every month to ensure that you’re getting the nutrients you need. The best part? It starts at only $40 per month!

Nutritionist on Chat:
We are now offering all Beta users (including you!) a FREE 10-minute consultation with a licensed nutritionist to discuss your specific nutritional needs and help you develop your personalized plan. We’ll send you more details once your order ships, but we’re already getting positive feedback about this program from our users in Beta Group #1.

Bloom Retreat
Last week, the Bloom team trekked up to beautiful Palomar Mountain in Eastern San Diego for our first ever Bloom retreat. We had a great time bonding, recharging, and mapping out our 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year goals. The end result? A vision for the future - a lab in every hand by 2030.