March Pre-Order Update

Jon Carder
March Pre-Order Update

Bloom customers and friends, We’re reaching out today to share some exciting updates regarding our brand, your wellness card orders, and a testing solution we’re deploying in response to COVID-19.

Bloom Is Now Vessel Health

For the last three years, our team has been developing technology to enable at-home, health testing and tracking under the name Bloom Health. We’re excited to announce that moving forward, we have rebranded as Vessel Health and created a new experience that makes it easier than ever to understand and optimize your health.


Your Wellness Cards Are Coming Soon

We greatly appreciate your pre-order support and are expecting to ship your first test cards within the next 90 days. For some of you, this may be different than the timeline you were expecting when you first placed your pre-order with Bloom. Reduced staffing at our manufacturing partners due to COVID-19 has unfortunately delayed our shipping timelines, but know that we are working around the clock to ramp production back up to full speed.


Announcing At-Home COVID-19 Testing


During the development of our Vessel at-home wellness cards, we learned that coronavirus antibody tests use the same lateral flow assay (LFA) technology that we spent the last 3 years developing for our wellness tests, which enabled us to quickly deploy an at-home testing solution for COVID-19 with built in tele-health functionality. A thorough review by the proper regulatory agencies is currently underway.


A COVID-19 Test Card Is Reserved For You



To express our gratitude for you being an early supporter of Vessel, we’re giving you a FREE COVID-19 test card. Join the waitlist.

As soon as our test cards receive FDA approval and are available, you will receive an email with your 100% off discount code to be applied to your purchase. For everyone else we will be providing all COVID-19 tests at cost and will not be making a profit on this initiative.


Our Mission

If we can identify what’s holding us back, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. By helping people better understand their bodies, we’re unlocking a world where everyone can feel, perform, and live better.

We’re optimistic about the future of health because we’re building it.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and as we look to democratize the understanding of our personal health. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe in these unprecedented times and we hope these tests can offer you understanding and peace of mind as we all continue to adapt to our current situation.

Sincerely, Your friends at Vessel