November Pre-order Update

Jon Carder
November Pre-order Update

As you know, we recently began accepting pre-orders and cannot believe the positive response we've gotten. In just a month, we've sold thousands of test cards - with more and more orders coming through each day.

We could not have gotten this far so fast without your support! We sincerely appreciate you! There are over 30 doctors, scientists, engineers, nutritionists, and developers working hard to get these test cards to you, and we're about 4 weeks away from our first shipment batch in December.



Here's some of the big updates we have been making at Bloom: 

Test Accuracy
We've achieved the "gold standard" in terms of test accuracy on 5 of our tests. This means that they have the same type of accuracy and repeatability you'd get from a traditional lab test at the doctor, office... without having to actually go to the doctor, office and wait a week to get your results. With Bloom, you get your results instantly!

Third-Party Validation
We get a lot of people asking about this one, and rightfully so. We're currently in talks with a top university (we'll disclose this once finalized) to run a comprehensive test to validate both the accuracy and repeatability of our tests and the correlation of our tests to your body's levels. We couldn't be more excited to get this underway and our goal is to have the test completed and published before our official launch in the first half of 2020.

App Reminders
We're constantly looking for new ways to make Bloom better, and one of the latest developments is the new "Reminder" feature in our app. This allows you to set up text, email, or push notifications to help you stay on track with your health goals - whether that be drinking more water to improve hydration or eating an orange to boost your Vitamin C levels.