Does Vessel really work?

We'll let our members take it from here.

I started using Vessel last week, and I was able to change some of my eating habits, start eating some healthier foods, some fresh fruits and change my workout routine a little bit. I saw my wellness score go up. It went from a 60-something to an 82 within a week which is actually really cool … I’ve been able to see my energy go up a lot within a week as well and I’m really excited to keep using.

Nicole S.

Pittsburg, PA

I just started using Vessel's amazing service and words cannot express how grateful I am to have learned from this test that I needed magnesium so badly. I've always had sleeping issues and now my sleep has drastically improved with the simple addition of a Magnesium supplement at night.

Chablis C.

Los Angeles, CA

Love love love what you guys do! I have a Lumen and have used CGM, ketone monitors, Everlywell, and LetsGetChecked. Vessel and Lume have been my favorite of the biometric home testing products.

Stephanie T.

Orange, CA

I didn't know that my magnesium was low and now I started taking it based on the recommendation from Vessel. And I am like, amazing. It's so weird how much better I feel now because of magnesium. Vessel recommended it, so I started taking it and now my numbers went higher and it just made such a huge difference in my energy. I can't even believe it. Before Vessel, I thought I was doing it right. But I wasn't. So I'm so glad about that.

Mindi L.

Laguna Niguel, CA

Prior to Vessel, I was having trouble falling asleep. I took Vessel's recommendation and started to take ashwagandha, I've noticed it's been easier to fall asleep. And so it was just neat to be able to pick that and see like the benefits and add that.

Cynthia S.

Cincinnati, OH