Our Mission

When it comes to personal health, information is everything. That’s why we created a revolutionary approach to help people understand and optimize their health through at-home assessment, personalized action plans, and ongoing progress monitoring. After all, if we can identify what’s holding us back, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. 

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Our mission

We’re optimistic about the future of health because we’re building it. By helping people better understand their bodies, we’re unlocking a world where everyone can feel, perform, and live better. And most importantly, where people can have more time to do the things they love with the people they love. 

The Vessel

From top research scientists and doctors to nutritionists and marketers, we’re a diverse and talented team spread out across the world. All team members have a passion for healthy living and share a common vision of improving the vitality and longevity of humankind.

Jon Carder

Co-Founder / CEO

Bo Vargas


Austin Griffith

Senior Data Scientist

Garrett Stanwick

Business Development Partnerships

Maria Verdooren

Research Intern

Alexzandra Fields

Advisor Head of Marketing

David Bakey

Head of Digital Marketing

Miranda Fetchen

Lab Technician

Isabel Batres

R&D Technician

Cherub Rossi-Lourenço

Lab Technician

Layla Saad

Customer Loyalty Social Media Superstar

Bose Athota

Data Engineering Advisor

Sahar Ghanavati

Senior Data Scientist

Lori Sheng

Data Scientist

Sarah Russell

Customer Loyalty

Jocelyn Meyer

Lab Technician

Our Story

Jon Carder, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Vessel, started noticing some surprising symptoms as he got into his 30s—lower energy, brain fog, trouble sleeping—and how they interfered with his ability to be his best self, both professionally and personally. Determined to solve these “problems,” he went to the doctor. After a lot of complicated (and expensive) lab work, Carder and his doctor identified nutrient deficiencies, high toxins levels like mercury, and adjusted his supplements and nutrition accordingly. Within a month, he was feeling the best he had felt in years but was disillusioned by how complicated and expensive the process was.

He realized the way he, and many others felt, wasn’t a “growing old” problem but an access problem. With Vessel, he was determined to change that mentality by arming people with affordable and easy at-home wellness testing to manage their wellbeing and optimize their energy, brain function, sleep, fitness, immunity, and appearance. And it’s just the beginning.